Update: Website Launch & Short Story Project

I’m very excited to launch JenKirchner.com this Friday! We’ve been hard at work and have started rolling over a few posts from this blog, just so the new site doesn’t look so unloved.

What I really can’t wait for is a short story adventure where YOU decide what happens. Each Friday, a story blurb around 500 words will be posted. At the end, a couple of choices will be provided. Vote in the comments or on Twitter. Highest vote obviously wins.

The first Adventure is called “The Relic” and Part I is ready for you. I can’t wait.

(Not to mince words but this is actually a reliquary. Relics were/are kept safe inside and having them added prestige and mystique to a church. Really, they were just a way of getting passing Crusaders to donate more money. “We’re very holy because we have one of these here relic doohickies! No, you can’t look inside to verify that it’s there. If you had faith, you’d know it was there. Now, about your donation…”)

Update: One thing I forgot to mention is that I still plan on awarding more Kreative Blogger awards, but I would prefer to continue that from the new site. So stay tuned and next week I will introduce another great blogger!

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